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It's the only park in the area where you can feed the ducks, have a nice scenic bike ride or walk, etc.
  – Theresa Feetenby

I've been working as a weekend volunteer in the Sustainable Garden for a year now. We've created flowerbeds, improved the soil, laid the hedges... It would be heartbreaking to see all that hard work go to waste.
  – Eleanor Crane

Its my local patch where I keep all my birding records. If it went I wouldn't have a local patch and wouldn't be able to do regular birdwatching.
  – Jonathan Heath

The wildlife that lives there! the wild food resources that can be found there! because its a quality open 'wild' space that's very accessible to city people.
  – Jacky Sutton-Adam

Many people think that Milton Country Park is only enjoyed by the residents of Milton, but whenever my family travel down from all areas of the country there is nothing they enjoy more than to go to the park and it would be awful to close it.
  – Jonathan Heybrock

Every park and green space in Cambridge needs to be protected - These are the only natural environments we have left, for our children and for our own state of mind.
  – Emma Dowen

A wonderfull and useful lunchbreak heaven
  – Cesare Granata

Closing the Park would be a tragedy, not just for the people of Milton but for people throughout South Cambridgeshire and the City.
  – Paul Oldham

For a rural county Cambridgeshire is remarkably lacking in outdoor spaces that people can go to just to enjoy, there are already far fewer country parks in Cambridgeshire than in surrounding counties, we can't afford to close another one. Country Parks are places that people can visit and learn something about their local environment, it's crucial that we all care about our environment at a local level so that we realise just how important keeping it safe is for our health and well-being.
  – Aileen Connor

It is an essential green lung in the city and a haven for people who live nearby and in the city. Please keep it for our health.
  – Emily Jane Bingley

It's a great asset for all ages. I have a young child (15 months) and I enjoy taking him there to be outdoors, see the wildlife, have fun and help him learn about the environment and why it's important as he gets older. Going there also helps me to de-stress as a busy Mum. The Council have got their priorities very wrong if they let this park close, it musn't happen. It's also a nice place for a cup of tea and cake!
  – Joanna Ayres

The ponds attract such a wide and changing variety of birds that delight us all whenever we visit the park. We are fortunate to be able to access such a resource so close to the city. At a time when walking and physical fitness is high on the regional agenda, why should this park be considered for closure?
  – Kasia Gdaniec

The North of Cambridge has no open spaces as all land appears to be being swallowed up by developers. Milton Country Park is the last remaining wildlife refuge
  – Alan Day

The park is a great asset to one and all. Especially from an educational point of view. Many children from the city have benefited from the park ARE THEY NOW GOING TO BE DEPRIVED!????
  – Maggie Stannard

Yet another green space under threat. I have been to the park for wedding blessings, walks, cycle rides and festivals. What a shame to close such a beautiful place, for the sake of money. Our green and pleasant land deserves to stay that way, or one day our children will be turning to us to ask, 'what does a tree look like?'
  – Alixandrea Finlow

There are few true country parks in the Cambridge area, so closing the Country Park would be a tremendous loss.
  – Jonathan Larmour

The park is so accesible from the city. It is fantastic to be able to cycle with the children on a traffic free route to such a beautiful area.
  – Hilary Cox

Valuable mixed habitat for wildlife as well as being a valuable open space that is more like countryside than a municipal park for a large population. Opportunities for children to experience what feels like a proper wild area, but is safe and secure for them.
  – Heather Coleman

Milton Country Park combines wildlife conservation, education and recreation, we must not allow such a unique asset to be lost.
  – Stephen Bennett, Chairman of the Friends of Milton Country Park

One of the very reasons we moved to Milton is because of its country park. It's one of the few places left in cambridge which gives a true sense of the countryside and in which you can escape from the city and the a14. It would be an absolute traversty if it was sold. The heart of milton would be removed and with it an awful lot of pleasure. where are our children supposed to run free in this city that seems to be going from bad to worse?
  – Zoe Browne

It has taken many years to build the park up into the state it is in. It is a great asset to Milton, and has a clear environmental benefit - I think it is criminal to consider closing it.
  – Ian Blair

Both my children have had school visit to the park
  – Mark Divall

It is a wonderful green space, and whenever I go there are many people doing many different things. It is also an important place for birds - I had never heard a nightingale before, and now I go especially to hear them.
  – Helen Pinder

Because the entire Cambridge area is under dire threat from over-development. Even if surrounded by the thousands of new homes proposed, this park's retention, as an oasis of natural countryside, will become even more vital to the area.
  – Susanna Leoni-smith

A brilliant place for observing nature with and without our children right next door to Cambridge, easily accessible by bicycles. Why on earth should we have to _drive_ several miles to do the same in the future.
  – Marko Hyvonen

Milton Country Park is a wonderful patch of land; right by the A14 yet calm and tranquil. It's a great place to wander, watch the ducks, or just sit and think.
  – Matthew Vernon

It's the only bit of open country easily accessible from north Cambridge without a car for walking in, particularly with children. Cambridgeshire is not an open, wild county like some others in the UK so we need accessible spaces like this that you don't need a car to get to.
  – Elizabeth Osborne

It is a real scenic amenity for the Cambridge area with a rich wildlife that is easily accessible to all.
  – Mike Clark

The green spaces around Cambridge are under great threat at present and if areas like Milton Country Park are not protected, living in Cambridge will cease to be like living in a small country town where it is easy to get to pleasant open spaces by bike.
  – Jane Bradbury

It amazes me that yet another amenity is set to close. There are fewer and fewer green places in the north of Cambridge as development takes over all of what used to be empty land.
  – David Hembrow

Children wont have a place to see wildlife in their natural environment. Lots of people of all ages have fun in the country park. Lots of the animals there wont have a place to live anymore. It's one of the only places which is natural and where people can imagine that they are in the country and not near the city because it is so quiet and peaceful there.
  – Charlotte Ellum

The villages surrounding Cambridge are being suffocated by housing and traffic, we need to preserve our open spaces to save our sanity!!
  – Sheila Palmer

How terrible is it to think that the only place our children would play if there was no park would be soulless playgrounds full of fabricated equiptment. No connection with nature and no ability to fuel their imaginations.
  – Lorraine Whybrow

Closing Milton park and talk of closing care homes in the village, a rise in council tax. Where is the money going? I think it is about time we had an in depth view of council spending. We are all share holders that are getting less return for our money
  – Robin Wallman

Every population town and village should have a recreation park.
  – Edward Hatfield

Our green areas are very rapidly being eroded by new developments and we particularly have to suffer this with Arbury Camp being built in our area. It is important to maintain a natural habitat for wildlife and a recreation area for the public. It seems to contravene the government's policy of encouraging healthier living. They are spending money on this in many ways, but aren't prepared to do enough to fund the park.
  – Val Brown

It is an important area for wildlife and for people for informal recreation.
  – Helen Moore

With all the development going on, in and around cambridge, it would be a real shame to lose the park too.
  – Mark Andrews

For people it is an escape from everyday life. A place to relax in peace with your thoughts. A place to enjoy your family. For local wildlife, it is a home - we can not lose it!
  – Darren Bradnick

I am a Cambridge resident. Milton Country Park is one of the few green "lungs" of our surrounding countryside. I have been visiting it on and off with my children for goodness how many years. I am not a frequent visitor but I would be utterly dismayed to lose it.
  – Ian Kidman

The park is a valuable facility for the people of South Cambs.Where else can you find such a delightfully healthy environment in the whole of Cambridgeshire? Indeed or in any of the surrounding counties. 299,000ukp is trivial compared to the enjoyment it gives to us all. Compare it to the expenditure of building and maintaining Cambourn Palace which you now have for your workplace. How much did that cost to build and to maintain ? And it is inaccessable to 70% of the population of South Cambs anyway unless one has a car.
  – Ken Steere

The park is a precious asset in this increasingly urbanised area. It successfully combines a wild area (and a haven for Wildlife) with well maintained walks and facilities. The memory of the beautiful grass snake I watched swimming in Deep Pool this summer is still with me and gives me pleasure each time I walk past. Making this type of experiance easily available is a priceless gift that must not be lost.
  – Christopher Strachan

The park is a real asset to not only our village but the rest of Cambridgeshire. Our 5 year old has grown up with the park. Before her birth we were daily responsible users with our dog and she has had regular, almost daily, visits (less now she is in school), learning to walk, ride her bike and identify birds among many other things. It is scandalous that they could think of removing this amenity from us.
  – Anne Wildman

There are very few public open parks to take children in our area. Milton Country Park is one of our favourite places to go with our little girl and all my friends and their children. Please do not close this much-needed park which we enjoy so much.
  – Jane Groves

The park is an invaluable resource for people with children to relax, play and exercise. It is also one of the few places in the Cambridge area where you can have a family day out without a significant expense.
  – Michael Staplehurst

The park like all parks is a wonderful place to visit. Walking with nature. Closing Milton Country park would be a major blow to many people, especially my family who have taken our dogs and children there many times.
  – Simon Hamilton-roberts

The park is an oasis in an area of housing, industry and uninteresting countryside. To close it would deprive local people as well as many others who come from further afield of a chance to enjoy nature, walk and play without fear of traffic, just gaze at the large expanse of water which is very therapeutic, and learn about wildlife in a world where we are becoming increasingly divorced from our natural heritage. The loving work put into it over the years by volunteers and wardens has created a spiritual place which it would be sacrilege to close.
  – Brighid Simpkin

It's the one of the few free open spaces within easy reach of Cottenham to take the children for a walk or bike ride
  – Joy Warde

It's one of the few remaining peaceful green places that is easy to access from Cambridge!!!
  – Jessie Spivey

This park is one of the few local areas that have been carefully mapped for the sport of Orienteering. People of all ages and abilities and particularly children will lose a venue for outdoor exercise at a time when the health and wellbeing agenda is a government priority.
  – Cath Pennington

Cambridge is a strange place. Although we're in East Anglia and there is a lot of green countryside around us, there is little actual public green space outside of the city. Milton Country Park is one of those few places. As a hard working father, I take great pleasure in going to Milton Country Park with my family when I can, to spend some time in an environment outside of the city. Without this facility, there are few (if any) similar facilities to visit
  – Stewart Bamford

The park is a haven of peace and security for plants animals and people in the midst of agrarian monocultures, roads and housing estates.We need its wildness.
  – Rosaleen Mccarthy

Love it - it's a great place - and the dogs love it too!
  – Dan Delamare-lyon

Apart for providing a much needed home for wildlife, including rare secies of bats, the park provides a safe and accessible place for everyone local and from further afield to enjoy the countryside, to get some exercise and fresh air (something very much encouraged by the Government these days), to meet others and to pursue hobbies and interests. There are very few public places around these days that are so accessible to all ages. It would therefore be a huge loss if the park were to close. The only viable alternatives seem to be a stroll on Parker's Piece or a trip by car to some other Country Park. It seems crazy that the general message is that we should be caring for the environment and using our cars less, yet the closure of Milton Country Park will mean that a small and very valuable part of the environment will be destroyed and those who value their walks and other activities will need to drive to another location in order to do them.
It seems to me that this is all about money rather than the welfare of the community and the local environment. It costs the Council and other relevant parties money to look after Milton Country Park. If they sold the land to developers then they would make lots of money and most probably reduce the need to find other sites for new housing to a small degree. The problem is, however, that the reduction of amenities available to the local population will mean that the area will become less desirable to live and work in. Ultimately prestigous emloyers such as those companies housed in the science and technology parks will move elsewhere to the detriment of South Cambs as a whole.

  – Helen Swain

We need open spaces in this area, there is nowhere else to walk, everywhere is built up. It is a haven between the A14 and Tesco
  – Maureen Lock

Milton Country Park is where I go to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. It's a place that I can gather my thoughts in peace and tranquility. Plus getting the chance to indulge in nature and wildlife at the same time. It's very close to my house and because I have difficulty walking it's great, because it's close by. Also once I'm there, there's plenty of benches to stop and sit before carrying on again. It's my sanctuary as I'm sure it is to many other people as well.
  – Katie Parsonage

Milton Country Park is a beautiful oasis, that is particularly lovely to visit in the spring and summer. I am currently expecting my first baby and feel it would be a great shame if such a peaceful and educational piece of parkland would be unavailable to myself, my husband and my little one! Children don't play outside enough as it is!!
  – Jenny Morgenstern

Our son was in Milton Children's Hospice 3 years ago. Whilst he was there we visited the Country Park daily. It was a place where he could be outside, feel free and was extremely happy. We fed the ducks,spent time together as a family and generally felt calm and content. Our son died at the hospice in October 2003 and the Country Park has now become a place of very fond memories and a place that we can share with our other children that we know our son George loved so much.
I know that the children at the Hospice still use the Country park as a place to visit.

  – Alison Rowbotham

The park and the lakes are an essential green lung for the City of Cambridge providing a unique wildlife habitat. If the Rowing Lake comes to fruition the park will provide part of a wonderful new round walk from Cambridge to Waterbeach and back along the Tow Path. To close the park would be CRIMINAL.
  – Lisa Woodburn

When our children were small, they loved coming to the park to walk and play. It would be a tragedy for families with small children were it to close, there is nothing else like it nearby.
  – Stefan Kaye

It's by far the nicest place to eat lunch easily accessible from the Business Park.
  – Tom Garnett

I like to visit England (I'm from the U.S.). One of the main reasons is the lovely green countryside. We like to visit areas with parks, so please keep it open. People need green spaces!
  – Joan Todd

Green space for families with children is very hard to find especially that which is easily accessible from central Cambridge; closing Milton Country park would be a disaster both for families generally and specifically for local children's healthy physical, emotional and psychological development. I have two children, have worked as a secondary school teacher and volunteer with families with children under 5 and know just how vital such spaces are. If anyone is in any doubt about the need for such things, I would recommend they read Sally Goddard Blythe's well researched account in "The Well Balanced Child"
  – Karen Rodgers

As well as being used by many people who work at the nearby science park many local residents find this facility not only useful but for people like my 86 year old mother it is a life line to enable them to get out and see other people. The present Government is very keen on green issues, then why close a well used facility which encourages many people young and old to excercise.
  – Christine Fell

There are so few places that are scenic, quiet and beautiful to look at. Why keep taking them away?
  – Louise Williamson

The park is an excellent example of how to turn a waste area into a beautiful landscape. Natural habitats in and around Cambridge are few and should be preserved. Milton Country Park should be used more by schools for education.
  – Wendy Pickford

This park is a great place to go when you want to get away to a nice green space. There are limited parks and green spaces in Cambridge, and these spaces mostly consist of grassy areas. Milton Park is full of trees and has large bodies of water, allowing many different types of recreation for many different people. It is also a haven for wildlife, giving people the chance to view some of the different species up close. A loss of this space would mean a loss of a very unique park to Cambridge and the surrounding villages and towns. It would also mean that people from these areas would have to go further afield to find a similar location, certainly not supporting local services.
Most certainly, due to it's location, this park would be developed. Shame on the council if they let this happen. I don't understand how the council could close something that obviouly has a high usage.

  – Joanne Kelly

The Government are urging us all to live a healthier lifestyle, therefore it is imperative that Milton Country Park remains open. It is an excellent environment for all ages to enjoy a walk or jog around the many interesting paths, whilst also observing all the wildlife. With all the housing and business development in the area, those responsible for this should be ensuring that the Park remains open.
  – Bob Waters

The park is all about intangible benefits - which is why it is the duty of the council to keep it going to better the quality of life people in the surrounding area experience.
I work nearby and over summer the park was a motivation for us to run and get fit, even when we couldn't run we walked there and I took my friends visiting cambridge to milton park to show them the beauty of my area.
In Milton park I've seen woodpeckers and deer and I have wonderful memories of 100s of rabbits trying to outrun us in the early morning.
This park is a sanctuary for people, it can't be closed. My life will consist solely of concrete and glass if they close it!

  – Jennifer Crowe

It's the only FREE resource of it's type on the north side of Cambridge. Wicken Fen and Anglesy Abbey are all very well, but they are very expensive for a family day out.
  – Catherine Kearns

It is a really beautiful area which deserves to be saved, I discovered it sadly after having moved away from Milton but still visit when I can for a walk around the Lakes.
  – Kate Lockett

Quite simply, we need the green space, for so many reasons.
  – Mandy Hobbs

There are so few places to take the children to see wildlife - Milton Park is full of great outdoor experiences for everyone. Also, many people from the Science park use it to unwind at lunchtime; walking, running and just enjoying their lunch there.
  – Janette Walsh

The country park in Milton is the ONLY green side to go for save walks where children can enjoy the countryside north of Cambridge and where you can get to by bike. With the traffic situation as it is THAT should be a big PLUS! for Cambridgeshire.
  – Miriam Leonard

The Park is a haven for local residents, flora and fauna. I lived in Milton for 7 years from 1987 and witnessed its development.
  – Mary Aslett

Before when it was just 'the pits' it was overgrown and dangerous, now it is a lovely place to go, relax and enjoy. Too much of our countryside is being concreted over as it is and so we must treasure these natural retreats and resources for both human and animal sake.
  – Chris Twinn

Cambridge has very few nature reserves which are open to the public and free and convenient to park in. These are a vital resource for people with children.
  – Paul Mcghee

We regularly take our two children to Milton Country Park. The eldest, Eleanor, who is 3, enjoys looking at the water birds and the squirrels, and this has helped her to develop an interest in nature. There are no other Parks in Cambridge which offer this chance for children to come into close contact with wildlife. Throughout the whole region, there are precious few places and opportunities which can be used to promote the benefits of outdoor activities and the environment to our children, and the Council's decision to close MCP will take yet another of these places away. Surely with so many conservation issues threatening our environment we should be promoting its benefits to our children?
  – Grahame Mckenzie

Crossroads [Cambridge City] is a registered charity and Milton Country Park is regularly used by our staff to take many of our clients for a walk. They love the setting and have visited ever since it was opened. It was applauded as a huge asset at the time and has matured into a wonderful Park.
  – Heather Simpson

A natural nature reserve should remain in perpetuity It should have had covenant protection from the start. How about we ask the animals that live there!
  – Ken Lyon

Cambridge Park is a wonderful park, a place to relax, to take family and a place to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of life. When I was nursing my parents I used to stop there and have my lunch and unwind and de-stress before I went home. Its a place to sit and ponder and I stress not to be closed or taken away. My children used to fish there in the late 60's it has been there forever. How can you take it away?
  – Valerie Goode

We use the park as somewhere to take a pushchair - there aren't many areas of countryside around which have such good access for parents with babies.
  – Steven Griffitths

We use many aspects of the park but find the path particularly useful for buggy and disabled access which make the park very accessable, while it still retains a wild feeling. It is the only location we can use to include our disabled granda in dog walking.
  – Ciara Twomey

I run the reparation for Cambridgeshire Youth Offending service. Most clients are between 14 to 18 yo, Who have been through the court system, and have to do reparation to the community. During my six years of working with MCP I have found the Rangers very profesional, helpful, and have used the park as a great way to teach our clients about the environment, and woodland management. MCP has helped many clients to appreciate and not destroy their surroundings. If MCP were to close, it may be another reason why street crime increases. So much is taken away. I believe this would be another mistake if made only due to financial considerations
  – Stephen Kaye

Apart from the river this is the only area of mixed woodland/water that I know of in the immediate Cambridge area. I only cycle or walk to get around so areas like this are very important to me.
The park has also had a history of providing safe, gainful activity and employment to handicapped people which I have always thought was far more worthwhile than a financial argument could ever account for.

  – Chris Hayhurst

I'm not sure that I'd appreciate anything else being built there (ie having some industrial estate or similar is much worse than having the park...)
  – Jonathan Tong

We need to do all we can to maintain habitats for all species of wildlife, not get rid of them. The Park has not been there all that long and it is remarkable how many different animals have made it their home.
  – Julia Kelly

Public green spaces are of a premium, especially with the excessive housing developments in this region.
  – Alison Cremin

If the park is closed, what is the council proposing to do with the space - develop it for more industrial units? This will create more traffic, more polution. With global warming becomming such a political issue, why are we trying to remove/neglect already established green areas?
  – Suzanne Moss

When my baby brother died of septicaemia, my mum and stepdad sprinkled his ashes in the park. Therefore it's a place for remembering him and being with nature at the same time. The only reason I don't go to the park more often is that I am disabled (so can't walk or cycle there) and have no car.
  – Ceri Jones

With more and more houses going up around us, it is absolutely essential that all green spaces are kept viable, there should be more opportunity for walks, not less.
  – Janet Miles

The serenity of the Park adds so much to the quality of life of local people - we cannot let it close.
  – Hazel Smith, SCDC councillor for Milton

The Park is a unique resourse to South Cambridgeshire residents. the district offers very few recreational amieities to council tax payers in comparison to most other districts. It is also uncertain what else the ground could actually be used for as it is built on a rubbish dump and seems to be a good way to safely use this waste land.
  – Richard Brown

Its a place to de-stress even for a short while from work or personal pressure
  – Douglas Streater

It provides a little piece of sanity in an otherwise manic city. It's somewhere to go in my lunch hour that allows me to relax, and recouperate for the afternoon ahead.
It enables children to experience the beauty of nature, in this constantly growing concrete world we live in.
I am not a big "Green" person, but closing the Park will be detrimental to the surrounding community.
I live in Newmarket, but work on the Science Park, so it does have far reaching benefits, not just to the people within a couple of miles of the city.
Please keep the park open.

  – Angela Bishop

There is so little relatively wild green space for walking in the local area which is also accessible by public transport; we can't afford to lose this amenity...
  – Liz Marley

If it closed we would lose some important natural habitats for a range of birds and other animals. We would also lose a valuable educational resource and a quiet haven for a lot of local people. With the planet in the state it's in, we need to conserve as much of its natural beauty as we can and teach our children to appreciate such things. The expense of keeping the park open should be weighed against the expense of ruining the planet!
  – Fiona James

There are fewer and fewer places of true natural beauty in this country. To knowingly and willingly destroy another would be nothing short of a travesty. We must endeavour to maintain our parks to keep the sense of community and shared environments alive.
  – Rachael Burnett

The park is a wonderful place for the community. It's a convenient place to teach young people about preserving nature.
  – Amy Simmons

Milton Country Park is a rare, attractive setting in the otherwise uninteresting landscape North of Cambridge. For the residents of villages in this area, it is somewhere pleasant to go and relax, and somewhere children can enjoy going to play too.
  – Graham Reith

It would be such a shame if Milton country park was closed. It is a nearby peaceful place that I can go when I need to get away from the city centre. If it is likely to be re-developed it will also reduce the local number of birds and insects due to the loss of habitat. We need to conserve the green space we currently have, not let it be destroyed!
  – Carrie Gilbert

My partner and I visited this wonderful park with a picnic when we spent a long weekend at Cambridge in 2006. The park is a beautiful and tranquil place teeming with wildlife. It would be a crime if the council closes Milton Country Park, they will have let the whole of the the people they supposedly represent down.
  – Jonathan Wilson

Because it is a valuable facitility for the people of Cambridge area. With all the new houses being built in the area it and the huge loss of green spaces it would be a dreadful waste. Undoubtedly it would be a valuable area for futher housing but green spaces are also valable - particularly to wildlife!
  – Heather Bridgeman

The Park offers a variety of habitats for wildlife, both native, eg. bats/kingfishers and for migrating birds. It is an oasis of calm, not far from Cambridge City centre but there really is nothing else like it in the vicinity.
  – Jill Buckland

A slow walk around the park can make you forget that you are walking so close to one of the busiest arterial roads in the country. Succesfully creating an oasis of calm and a haven for wildlife is something that SCDC should be proud of and be praised for their acheivement. It is short sighted to let close this sanctuary and open the doors to yet more development, to keep faceless accountants happy.
  – Mark Cope

Where else can you walk through woodland north of Cambridge?
  – Christopher Moller

It's a unique site for birdlife.
  – Amy Goodwin

I believe it would be dreadful to close the Country Park! My brother died very suddenly 2 years ago and Milton Country Park is a place that was very special to myself and my family. We are able to walk around the peaceful park and remember my brother! The country Park has brought alot of comfort to myself and my family... it would be heart breaking for this special place to no longer exist!!
  – Sarah Young

MCP is a wonderful resource that must not close. I am particularly impressed that people with special needs are working in the coffee shop and are so well supported.
  – Rachel Fosberry

With government targets to reduce obesity and increase exercise rates, this would be an act of madness. The park is a peaceful place to relax and escape from the workplace.
  – Hilary Knightley

It's a great asset to the village - we run a B & B and always mention it to our guests as a place to have a walk.
  – Felicity Turner

It is simply dreadful that a LOCAL park like that will be closed to all local residents, meaning that alternatives for many will mean a car journey (clogging up the roads, causing pollution). It will be such a shame that people will no longer be able to WALK to a nature reservc, to get much needed healthy exercise.
  – Jane Ellis

Yet more routes available to horses being closed, forcing more riders onto busy roads.
  – Deborah Wade

As a family we don't presently visit the park as we have moved further away but when our children were pre-school we had many happy times there. The kids loved it!
  – Richard Fisher

Milton is perched on one of the most horrendous roads in the country. The park is a much needed respite from the impact of that road.
  – Jim Mowatt

It's a terrible thing when we get penned into roads, walls with nowhere to remember what lies beyond and what really matters.
  – Sam Denney

It is a place of tranqulity that reminds us to respect our world, our wildlife and our relationships with one another.
  – Angie Campbell

Apart from the obvious benefit of a nature reserve so close to the town, the area is a wonderful place to let children be children...to run and play, to look at nature and use their imaginations.
  – Linda Millar

The park is a main worship site for followers of the old religion. Would Christians like it if churches were closed down
  – Alan Cox

As new housing changes the face of Cambridge forever it is vital to preserve the little access people have to wildlife and nature. It will be even more necessary to have this haven. What about local wildlife? Where are they to go?
  – Diane Jarosy

There are very few places for families to enjoy a nice day out in South Cambridgeshire as it is!! Every week we ask ourselves: What can we do with the kids outdoors that doesn't cost a lot of money? And we end up with either Milton Country Park or Wimpole Hall...
  – Dagmar Mickler

My mum often took me here and although I am now away at university I still visit when I am home.
  – Naomi Millar

I used to live in Milton until summer last year and used to visit the park all the time - it is a wonderful escape, a real little bit of nature in the middle of a busy location. There are few places such as this, where you can watch the changing seasons and feel connected to the natural world. It is an important resource for all generations to appreciate and escape from the stresses of urban life.
  – Samantha Thompson

It is already on one named cycle route. It has the potential to have another useful cycle/walking link (from southern corner over railway, perhaps using existing A14 bridge, and then connecting with towpath and/or Fen Rd Chesterton).
  – Charles Wartnaby

The northern regions of Cambridge are allocated to solve many of the council pressures for housing targets. For the amount of developement in this area it is essential that a proportional amount of parks and green spaces are available for recreational use. Milton country park is a rare haven and is sorely needed.
  – S Millett

Where would the wildlife go?
  – Jason Thorogood

As a local artist who has just recently acquired studio space next door to the park, I was hoping and looking forward to visiting the park even more, gathering inspiration for new work.
  – Laura Pearson

When visiting the park, I always found it been popular, with many people enjoying a walk or youngsters fishing at night. This is to me a good reason to keep these green areas open to the public. Moreover, I think it is quite a significant landmark for Milton village.
  – Matteo Nicolini

This Park is a haven for people on this side of the city. With all the increased building activity in Cambridge, the burden on the local environment and facilities we MUST at all cost retain this space. I have not visited it enough. I will do more. I have been interested in renting space to run workshops. I would like there to be space created to do this which is viable for the local community as a resource and provides an adequate revenue for the Park itself. We need this space for health and well being. It must be saved.
  – Felicity Cook

There is not enough open space. Every bit of free land is built on.
  – Aimee Preston

Milton Country Park is one of a kind in Cambridge. It offers a place for thought,childrens play, recreation and education. The work of the rangers in conservation with plant and wildlife species is important for our future. Closing of the park would show, how little the council think of something which is so important, to the community of milton and cambridge, as well as the wildlife.
  – Catherine Lowe

I'm really shocked it might close, I had no idea. The last I heard was the idea of kicking Mencap workers out of the cafe to raise more funds, and also charging for the car park. Where are my children going to learn to ride their bikes now? It's just crazy, it's such a lovely place, perhaps not advertised widely enough. We took my inlaws there for a walk and they were so impressed that this was on our doorstep, especially my father-in-law who is a very keen birdwatcher.
  – Carol Fallon

Being surrounded by such a park is essential for the people of the area. I lived in Milton before the park was redesigned and it is part of the heritage of the village and surrounding area. Yes, there is a need to keep things under control, but are we losing the way by over doing the consevation bit?
  – Madeleine Ashcroft

We should all be concerned when public areas are under threat have we learned nothing from the selling off of school playing fields. To close local amenities means people have to travel further to experience & enjoy the natural environment with the result of increasing pollution & congestion. Keep it local.
  – Sam Salmon

The park and its wardens are a useful facility for young people. It is peaceful. It is unique, there just aren't many places like it any more.
  – Laura Gardner

It's one of the best places to go fishing for an afternoon, you are pretty much certain to catch something! I've grown up walking, cycling, playing, fishing an many other things. It would be a real shame to loose it. There is no where else close to go. I'd hate to see it gone!
  – Josh Campbell

It's a beautiful park with lots of activities going on. A place for all ages to use. the wardens are great and it would be so sad if this park closed. The country parks in Huntingdon and Cambourne are in great use. Why can't Milton be the same. There are always cars parked there when I visit. You see a lot of people alround the park so it seems well used.
  – Susan Edwards

So much of Cambridgeshire is private land owned by the University or farmers - with very few footpaths compared to say, Suffolk. Milton CP gives me a pretty unique place to go running on maintained paths that won't break an ankle - that's why I drive over to Milton from Dry Drayton whenever I can to go running, get my thoughts together, beat work stress and enjoy the natural environment throughout the seasons. It's a fantastic resource for the wider Cambridge community and I'll be very upset if we lose it.
  – Liz Walker

Why should we be preached to, about the greenhouse affect, and then have something as beautiful as this park taken by the council for their means!
  – Julie Davies

My three children love going over the Country Park its a great way to get some fresh air and a good walk for all including our dog !!
  – Caroline Youtzy

A lot of mothers use it as a meeting place as they know their children can run about and play safely. They can also use the facilities inc playground and educating their children in a fun way about wildlife and nature. Most places around Cambridge are either in town or cost money to visit but I'm sure people would not mind paying a minimal fee eg a 1ukp per family or per car.
  – Christa Wilson

The park is a wonderful asset to the people of South Cambridgeshire. hundreds of people visit it daily and I am sure that they all gain great benefit from its environment. It is one of the few "urban" country areas within easy distance from Cambridge
  – Trevor Thomas

It would be a disaster for the children of the village, if we had nowhere to go with them in all the school holidays and they just roamed the village, it would cause all sorts of problems.
  – Emma Tyrrell

It is so lovely to be able to walk round and see the wildlife, children learn so much by this. Adults get enjoyment out of walking their dogs or just walking though the park enjoying the scenery. It would be a great shame to close.
  – Charlotte Collen

In a region with its increasing share of tarmac, bricks and concrete, we all need somewhere to stretch our legs, breathe some clean air and see and learn about wildlife. Good luck with the campaign.
  – Julian Hughes

I am amazed that the educational facilities will be closed - the children from Milton Rd primary go there on a school trip every year - is it worth trying to get the schools / nurserys involved ?
  – Susannah Clements

A wonderful peaceful place with its beautiful water, trees, swans, and funghi. Really look forward to visiting it when we are in the area.
  – Jendy Bullman

It is a fantastic and beautiful local facility. I have been taking my children there to play since it opened, and we have so many happy memories associated with it.
  – Susan Thomas

It would be dreadful to close something that benefits all walks of life. I do use the park alot not only to walk the dog, it is a somewhere my children can learn to respect and enjoy wildlife in the piece and tranquility that it milton park.
  – Rebecca Levitt

Milton Country Park is an oasis of peace and tranquillity in a very busy part of the country: people's lives are enhanced by its presence in our midst. It would be an irreplaceable loss if it were to close.
  – David Chamberlin, Rector of Milton

My son's Beaver scouts group use it for some lovely adventures. Where else is there like it so close to the city centre
  – Vivienne Watson

I foresee this as a money making scheme. Selling off the park would be far more lucrative to SCDC than paying the relatively small amount to maintain it. It's such a beautiful asset for local people and to sell it off for housing (which is what I suspect is at the bottom of this) would be a sin. It's a place of beauty, tranquility and a reason to live in Milton.
  – Janice Turton

It is a fantastic natural resource for Cambridge and surrounding areas. In a world which is increasingly target driven and fast it is the best place locally to go and spend time relaxing and spending time with my family and dogs.
  – Natalie Hall

It is a lovely place to go for a walk or to sit for a while and you get a chance to see lots of animals and wildlife. Nathan age 11.
  – Nathan Hall

Where else can children in Milton find open space to run and play? The Tesco's car park, the A14...
  – Bryan Cole

The Park was created from waste land and, over the years, I have seen it become a very valuable resource for local education. I have often visited it with my grand daughter who has taken part in pond-dipping, amongst other things. I have also enjoyed the park both as a place to be and as a way of increasing my understanding of waste land management for the promotion of wild life. It seems to me that the amount needed to keep the park open is ridiculously small in comparison with other projects in the City and the benefits of the amenity far outweigh the small cost involved.
  – Andrew Kendon

Primarily, loss of habitat for all the species living there. Too many green spaces being lost, probably to development.
  – Lesley Ellis

The goal is to expand the park with the Cambridge Sport Lakes project, not close it!
  – Don Hutchinson

SCDC might save enough money to run Milton Country Park by simply using second class post, except on those rare occasions when first class post is really needed.
  – John Ashton-Reader

what are we doing to our children's heritage is nothing sacred. Are we determined to take all the beauty out of life. This is a beautyful asset to your county. Please, please think twice or even more before destroying a beautiful asset.
  – Edwina Wilde

Since moving to the village in 1999 it has been a life line not just for my husband & l , we have three grandchildren & one in particular has a congenital heart disease, my grandson loves & adores the park & looks forward to his walks & feeding the ducks, the benefit for him is the health factor of having these facilities to breath the fresh air & the wild life of which is also educational for all my grandkids. It is the highlight of there visit when they come,this would be an utter travesty to see this beautiful jewel in our neighbourhood disappear because money yet again is an issue!!!!
  – Ros Robbins

To lose such a valuable and fantastic amenity to an enormous amount of people would be a disaster. The energy which goes into educating children about nature and the environment is second to none. The thought of any part of the Park being used for housing or a travellers site (CEN 6th Jan 2007) is too awful to take in. At my lowest ebb I can always find solace in the Park.
  – Mavis Driver

I would like to offer my support in your campaign to save Milton Country Park. This closure will only encourage other councils to close public areas, and must not happen. Keep up the good work, and best of luck.
  – Thomas Cavanagh

This is the only bit of enclosed countryside in the local area to come and jog, bring the kids to feed the ducks etc
  – Ian McNee MBE

It is one of the few amenities where one can take a walk with vistors to Cambridge
  – Dennis Durrant

I used to be the Treasurer/Task Leader of Cambridge Conservation Volunteers in the 1990's, and the CCV have done voluntary work in the park; we did so on the basis that it was secure for all time.
Although I've put 'never' above, we used to live at Baits Bite around 1994, and walked our baby daughter (now 12) to the park almost every weekend. It is one of very few relatively wild areas within walking/cycling distance of Cambridge, and a haven both for wildlife and as an escape from the intensive man-made environment of Cambridge.

  – Paul Clark

The park opened in 1993, and I only really discovered it in 2003 and I love it, I now know what I was missing out on living in an ever expanding city. Where would we go if the park closed? the small areas in Cambridge city (parkers, christs etc are treeless and featureless) are nowhere near on par with Milton
  – Margaret McNee

Human beings require freedom - the council seems intent on continuing to remove our basic human rights
  – Richard Browning

The misguided bus is going to destroy enough rural environment; we cannot afford to lose any more.
  – Robin Cox

Selling our remaining green hearts may bring fast bucks but is NOT in the service of the people or for the people: nor for the future. As such it is a betrayal of the public's trust. South Cambridgeshire is supposed to be stewarding our assets, NOT disposing of them.
  – Anna Lindsay

It is a haven of blackberries, ducks, twisty paths, bridges fantastic for playing 3 billy goats gruff, fresh air, rose hips, great story times & my children and I can cycle to it from our house - we all love it
  – Elizabeth Aplin

  – Matthew Chatfield

With more housing and development planned to the North and East of Cambridge, dreadful to lose such a haven now
  – Cahir O'Kane

I have great fears that the land would be sold and used for development
  – Angela Crush

Central Govt. is always exhorting people to get out and get more exercise to combat the massive obesity problam that is developing, and also contact with the natural world as a method of relieving stress. How are people going to get out if their local open spaces are closed? Look at the Natural England website for their main target areas, which includes the above. Our local authorty is committed to providing quality open spaces for these very reasons, despite having to cut budgets. Look at the cost to the providers of health care (but that is probably not SCDC!)
  – Ian Elphick

Its an essential part of my life! I know many runners run through the park on the way to the river
  – James Pickett

It's a great space to meet our friends with young children - our houses are too cramped to accommodate toddlers and the park provides us with the space for them to run around and mums to chat.
  – Sara Bruce

Until moving to Scotland in 2005 l was a regular visitor to the park and was a committee member of the friends. I visit Cambridge monthly and always take a stroll and meet the rangers. My wife and Shona our dog miss the daily walks round the park, and it is our intention to return to Cambridge this year 2007, so we will do anything to keep it open.
  – Raith Overhill

These days people in South Cambs. work longer hours and face more arduous home-to-work journeys. Also, they live in increasingly dense and urban environments. Accessible, peaceful green spaces, like Milton Country Park, are essential for community health and well being.
  – Diane Fairbairn

Have you seen how busy it gets on a weekend!
  – Pete Gaynord

I've lived in Arbury for over 30 years and have watched with increasing dismay as one green space after another has been "developed" and denied to general access. The time has come to make a stand and ensure we do not lose the last small piece of open access land in our area.
  – Geoff Leyshon

People will go anyway, possibly unsafe. Always been an important part of my life. Must stop development.
  – Andrew Gillham

We were first introduced to the park by the croft special needs hospital when my daughter was being tested for autism and all of the children got so much out of it, it would be a shame if other children missed out on such a wonderfull peacefull place.
  – Jane Courtenay-Moore

It behoves us all to try to stop the closure of peaceful, natural amenities. There is only one thing behind this and that is the opportunity to build even more houses and make more money for certain people.
  – Sarah June Burgoyne

This facility is so rare around here, it's essential it remains. My grandchildren, those who live here, and those who visit from Greece, love it, and it's so good to see them enjoying the fresh air and relative freedom it provides.
  – Margaret Barker

It's a wonderful place to get some peace, fresh air and exercise and see different species of fauna and flora from those very local to me. It's a wildlife haven and incredibly precious as the area becomes more and more built up. It is vital to have green areas and 'l ungs' if Cambridgeshire is to survive.
  – H Caroline Wardle

Beautiful place and there are not too many of them left.
  – Roy Stribling

The park is a haven in a busy city. Only 5 minutes out of Cambridge you can see kingfishers, huge lazy fish, trees in all their glory and the ever changing reflections in the water. We need more places like this, not less.
  – Sarah Magee

Where else can my children run freely with their friends, pick up sticks, fish, feed ducks, go over "troll bridges", climb on logs, splash in big muddy puddles, have a peaceful picnic, play football, ride a bike or scooter and after all that sit and have a tea and cake or icecream. I could go on for ever. I live in Willingham and regularly visit the park with various friends throughout the year. There is no other facility like it in this area. It is a fantastic place for our children and the council should not be allowed to close it.
  – Caroline Goodchild

Its an oasis in the middle of a traffic nightmare. There have to be wide open spaces amongst all the development going ahead and planned. The potential other uses of the park area just don't bear thinking about. They'll either make some people alot of money or desecrate the area with a travellers' site.
  – Tony & Margaret Dewey

It provides much needed open space for many people and should remain as it is. It makes my blood boil that money is not being provided to keep the park open.
  – Lucy Hines

This was obviously a brilliant use of the disused quarries, and provides an eco-friendly area in a highly built-up environment. We live in East Cambs and so do not think we can help actively.
  – Kenneth Watson

In my opinion the park is a valuable area for the local community, a great place to cycle, walk fish or just get away from the busyness of the city. in my opinion its closure will just pave the way to the land being built on, privatised or otherwise lost to the public. Cambridge does not have many areas like milton country park and its loss would be a great one.
  – Ian Frankham

Milton is growing too much for a village. The loss of this space will signal further development and then yet another large open space will be lost to more urban sprawl.
  – Andy Lindsay

How DO our councillors get onto our council to represent US? They ALL seem to be cheats! Everyone these days goes for a 'quick buck', quick fix, for which nobody later needs to take any responsibility. NOBODY THINKS OF THE FUTURE anymore. EVERYWHERE ELSE they build parks, and green spaces (Berlin: not only LOTS of green spaces but they also build lots of trains and undergrounds too) and here? they take them AWAY!!! Humans NEED green spaces. As do all other creatures who need a living space to keep our planet going. Councils are all SO amazingly 'two edged'! On one hand they plea for a green planet but at the same time do their dammdest to destroy it. Of course they can easily threaten to close Milton Park, because they KNOW that people won't let it happen and will somehow take over the costs to keep it open.
  – Katharina Tribe

I have two young children that I regularly take for walks, to the playground and on their bikes round the park.It is somewhere safe away from traffic where they can run around. There is a huge amount of building happening around cambridgeshire now and the area is getting increasingly built up. The country park is one of the few picturesque places left to go and is fantastic not just for the children but for the adults. We regularly take picnics in the summer and can spend a large portion of our day over there. I also know people who live away from the village that visit alot with their children. I think its terrible that they have even thought about closing it.
  – Tracy Wesson

Milton Country Park is a beautiful setting close by to where i live in Cottenham, I regularly visit to draw and paint for my art GCSE at Cottenham Village College, using the park to get away from the stress of daily life, it is perfect for familys in the summer and dog walkers all year round the park should stay exactly how it is.
  – Rachel Abraham

it would be dreadful as so many people use it as its a lovly place to visit and enjoy the day as its nice, friendly and a great place for familys to go and meet.
  – Joyce Rowlands

In a time when child obesity seems to be discussed daily shutting a free park which offers many forms of active leisure pursuits seems silly. In the same way that Wandlebury is a focus for family walks south of Cambridge, Milton Country Park has become a focus point for many people north of Cambridge, not just from Milton but villages and towns as far a field as Ely, Swavesey and Burwell. I believe Milton Country Park has similar attributes to that of Jesus Green, Midsummer Common, Cherry Hinton Hall, The Fen Rivers Way etc. and should be funded accordingly by the council.
  – Martin Kay

I don't often visit the park, but it's there and it's too good to lose.
  – Paul Hawes

Beautiful open space that encourages our children to play and to have fun. Such a happy environment that should not be lost.
  – Anji Wilks

It was where my wife and I had our first date! It's also a wonderful place for a quiet walk and for exercising the dog.
  – Matthew Faupel

It is crucial in these days of urban expansion that there are some places for sanctuary and refuge. I would be absolutely heartbroken if this country park was used for any purpose other than it's present one. It is my place of refuge during my lunch hour and a place to unwind.
It has such tranquility despite the close proximity of the A14 and is essential for the survival of much wildlife, which is gradually being pushed off the planet by the constant increasing plaque of bricks and mortar.

  – Sue Taylor

The whole atmosphere of Milton would be irrevocably altered especially if it gets built on as I hear rumoured. This would be a disaster
  – Patricia Abrey

We have been walking round this area since the early 1970's long before it was a country park as we know it today, its loss would be a tragedy for so many people in the area, not to mention the wildlife that it supports. With all the extra housing that is planned for the area we need our green spaces.
  – Margaret Goddard

It would be a disaster to lose such a wonderful LOCAL amenity. Many adults, children and animals would be the losers if the park was lost.
  – Barrie Goddard

Its a great place to walk the dogs or to just go for a walk. Where will all the wildlife go without the park? Its a great habitat for the various types of birds, insects and mammals.
  – Hayley Goddard

Rabbits eat grass not bricks. It will also cause havoc on the already developed round about, if there are more houses to be built.
  – Craig Forest

With all the proposed and current building on this side of Cambridge the Park provides an invaluable resource as a place for recreation for people of all ages.
  – David Spong

England is gradually losing all its open spaces,parks and countryside and we need to stop the decline in our lovely country. Soon there will be no open spaces at all for future generations.
  – Cherys M Bygrave

Milton Country Park is a fantastic place to take the children and meet up with other friends and their children. We all gain so much pleasure from having the space to play, run, chase, feed the ducks, look in awe at the swans and spot the tiny fish. I had been so looking forward to joining in more wildlife activities in the Park when my boys are a little older! Another very important aspect is that it is one of the few country spaces around here to which we can cycle safely.
  – Elly Ruston

The park is an oasis of calm and a place of reflection which is accessible to anyone and everyone. The area would be a poorer place without it.
  – Ray Holland

Although not a park user, I am lucky to have Cambourne lakes on my doorstep. However, I believe that something like this must be kept, there is such high demand for housing and country parks are rapidly disappearing. Cambourne are extremely lucky to have the countryside we have - most other places have small amounts of open space. I feel this park should remain open, but I would not be averse to them making a small (i.e £1-2 for a whole day) charge for the car park, if that helped to raise funds.
  – Patricia McCombes

The Park is a beautiful, peaceful space which is alive with an ever changing landscape. It would be dreadful to lose this oasis to concrete, bricks and mortar.
  – Lindsey Peters

This beautiful park is a vital recreational resource that is easily accessible by people living in the less advantaged communities of Cambridge. Its closure would be harmful to the mental and physical wellbeing of people of all ages in these communities. Local government has a duty to protect the long term interests of this and future generations by preserving and indeed enhancing Milton Country Park and all other public open spaces.
  – Jane Neal

It's such a nice place to visit and do your own thing for all ages
  – Alan Taylor

Milton Country Park is a unique and popular asset to the local area. Even on the most miserable of days I expect to pass several people on my lunchtime walk and on a fine day it is positively bustling with activity.
  – Martin Wiseman

It is depressing when we do not have any power over the things that affect our lives. The political process does not represent government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is utterly wrong. The cards are stacked against us, not least because of the royal prerogative which says that those with power can do no wrong. It's not just me saying this; look up the March 2004 report "Taming the Preogative" by the Public Administration Select Committee of the House of Commons.
  – Suzon Forscey-Moore

I have had a twisted knee this past year so could not attend the Tuesday afternoon walking group. Do hope it is still continuing. I might have to have an operation but when that is over was looking forward to getting back to the walking. So lovely to walk amongst the trees instead of hard pavements.
  – Val Bedford

Our family have only recently discovered the Park and we love it. It is such a wonderful environment to take a walk and appreciate the beautiful trees and birds, but also the play area is ideal for our young daughter. We are expecting another baby, and it would be really sad if he or she never gets to enjoy this wonderful park.
  – Mary Cole

North Cambridge has so few open green spaces - Milton Park is a rare resource and should be protected.
  – Melanie Houlder

Amenities for retired people to meet are getting fewer and it will be even worse if the Milton Post Office is forced to close. Milton Country Park is perfect for meeting people of similar interests.
  – Fountain Galbraith

Peaceful and great for the kids to see nature close to town
  – Kym Hall

It is such a lovely oasis of peace and quiet it would be terrible if we lost this wonderful park.
  – Lynn Baumbach

The park provides a breathing space for people working in the Science and Business parks near by. Especially since the completion of the foot bridge which provides even better access during the working day.
  – Rachel Pullen

With the sheer quantity of homes about to be built around Cambridge in the future, surely the people living these homes and Cambridge deserve a park and not just a formal park but one where they can observe nature, take exercise and meet/communicate with others. Humans need something for the soul as well as shops, schools, hospitals around them.
  – Deborah Reay

It offers an excellent opportunity to take elderly and disabled people for easy walks or an easy wheel-chair outing. Most of the necessary facilities are already there (a few more seats would help). It is madness to abandon such an asset.
  – Beatrix Bown

While working on the Business Park I often visisted the country park to eat lunch, walk, clear my head before retruning to work - it provides a much loved place of peace and quiet.
  – Kirk Allchorne

The park is close to both the Science park and to the Cambridge Busness park. For employees in these areas and other North parts of Cambridge, Milton Country Park provides the only accessible open space for relaxation or excercise. Please note that I have indicated in the questionairre that I visit the park several times a week. This refers to the time when I worked in Cambridge (which I no longer do).
  – Roger Tolfree

We must keep this park open for fuure generations so that there is the opportunity on our doorstep to see some wildlife up close and for some peace and quiet to contemplate in this chaos of a rushing world.
  – Sheila Merrick

We all need a green space and to close such a beautiful one would be a great loss for cambridge
  – Amanda Richardson

There would be nowhere to wander and dream
  – Josephine Wicks

It is a wonderful place to take our small son to allow him to run around and play, but also to allow him to see wild birds and animals; just this morning we saw squirrels, ducks, swans and a multitude of other species I can't even name.
  – Kevin Salmon

It is the only truly natural space in the area where locals and visitors can get away from the hustle & bustle of the busy town centre. None of the other green spaces (in town) offer a wild and interesting space allowing everybody, especially children to truly appreciate animals,birds, trees and other flora in a natural setting. Oh! and the wonderful water settings, offering amazing atmospheres in both winter and summer.
  – Clive Lebozer

It is an open space in an avalanche of buildings. Somewhere to relax and unwind away from stresses and strains of everyday life.
  – Susan Oakey

Central government wants Country Parks to survive and be updated (many were built in '70s/early '80s) and for local people to be involved. However, it will not put its hand in its pocket to enable this to be achieved, preferring HLF, HLS and other schemes to provide the cash. The County Council should be doing more to support this Park and to create similar facilities throughout the county. Former SCDC resident and Country Park ranger.
  – Errol Newman

Because it is now a natural area and is therefore valued.
  – Diana Pinter

The Country Park allows me to take my 92 year old mother in her wheelchair together with my Grandchildren and dog,for a walk in a safe and pleasant environment. We can also have a cup of coffee, ice cream, something to eat at reasonable prices. Where do we go if it closes.
  – Susan Saunders

It would be a tragic folly if this lovely,simple natural facility closes. There is painfully little in Cambs in the way of natural resources such as this. It is being suggested that thousands more houses are to be built in Cambridge and nearby,the crowding in the City itself is already overwhelming. With so much wealth flowing into the area it is surely possible to raise sufficient funds to support Milton Park.
  – David and Jane Hindmarsh

It is one of the most relaxing places of nature to be in. It brings joy to so many people.
  – Jan Wilkins

We need as many wild, open spaces in Cambridgeshire as possible, in these times of heavy development which is putting more and more pressure on our dwindling natural heritage.
  – Guy Richardson

My son commutes to Cambridge every day and goes into the park at lunch time very often. It will be very sad if it is closed down, and a loss to nature and the environment.
  – James Murphy

We always visit the park when our grandchildren come for a few days. They make sure we take them every time. We also go there as a retired couple when we feel the need to relax and get some exercise.
  – Mick Waterfield

There is much in the media to try to encourage people to take more exercise and get fresh air, but Milton (where we can do this) is in jeopardy. It's a disgrace.
  – Jean Davidson

Building considerable number of houses in the northern part of Cambridge. This closure will mean families will have no where to take the children for outdoor activities
  – Lucy Ho

I really don't want the park to close because It is a lovely place to go for a walk and to see the wildlife that inhabit the woods. Not only this but it is nice just to go there when you just feel like being in the quietness and peace of the country side.
  – Hannah Day

Milton CP is one of the very few public amenities SCDC provides - we do not even have public swimming pool in the district. Where there is a will there is a way! We need this for the children in the district - after all it has only been open for thirteen years - it makes no sense, especially with all the housing development in the district.
  – Tracey Kenyon

I moved to Cambridge in March 2006 with my 10 year old son and my partner.The park is only a short drive away (or a walk in the warmer months) My son loves the park and we have spend many days/early evenings there - fishing/picnics/family outings or just a walk in the fresh air. It would be such a loss for us and all the wildlife that live there.
  – Julie Forbes

Excellent for taking young grandchildren for a run/walk, without being constantly on edge about them falling into the river or being run over.
  – May Block

We always go for a walk in the Country Park when we visit relatives in the area. It is an attractive, safe and natural place to walk and to take the children - away from all the traffic and noise.
  – Ian Waterfield

I feel that, once an area of outstanding, natural beauty has gone, it can never be retrieved. Once it's gone it's gone for good, and all the breeding animals, birds etc. plus all the plants and trees will all have gone. It requires dedicated people, loyal to this project, to maintain and preserve it, for future generations to come. I find it dreadful these days, that more and more areas are being built on, with no respect or regard for the environment. In most cases it all comes down to money and not enough people caring about the environment. I wish that I lived nearer, as I would like to help, despite the fact that I have not personally been to this country park. However, friends of mine tell me just how beautiful it is. Let us keep it that way!
  – Petra Otto

A wonderful local facility for people of all ages to enjoy. What a waste it would be to let it go.
  – Christine Mackie

It's a lovely place to bring my Guides and it's a great place to walk around to get away from the hustle and bustle
  – Debbie Mould

We regularly travel there from Histon. Milton does not have enough quality green space and the closure of the park would add difficulties to a community that has had to absorb the sewage works, land-fill site and Tescos, as well as an uninspring business park, all with little returned to the community environment. Milton Country Park is the current exception to this, and the loss of it would contribute to a loss of community appeal and, inevitably, a loss in the desirability to live in Milton.
  – Paul Malpas

Milton Country Park is unique in the South Cambs area and is a beautiful place to visit for a walk, picnic with the children and just unwind and take in some fresh air. It's a disgrace that the council is even considering closing the park - especially considering the waste of taxpayer's money the council made building their extremely lavish offices in Cambourne - they should all be ashamed of themselves.
  – John Aldridge

I can't believe anyone could dream of closing and destroying such a beautiful site that has been very important to me and members of my family for years. Not to mention the loss of wildlife, we would miss it dearly as a place that holds many happy memories for us and our friends.
  – Hattie Taylor

It is a haven where I can get my life into perspective. The park is a green lung for many many people - we need these places.
  – Ros Nightingale

It is a unique public park for families resident in Cambridge who don't have access to university grounds.
  – Susan Osmaston

Although I no longer live in the UK anytime that we visit we always take a trip to the park for some fresh air and a good walk. My children have loved to see the different wildlife and to experience nature in a part of England that they feel is very overcrowded and built up compared to their home in the Bahamas. Please do everything possible to keep it open and accessible to all.
  – Ann Rolle

I dont know how to save the park but it would be awful to lose it, my kids & I love using it early morning when you can see the rabbits (before it gets too busy), using the play area afterwards then feeding the ducks on the way back out. I know alot of people feel the same.
  – Emma Goodley

As a Cambridge Cub Scout Leader i find the idea of shutting the park would be an awful waste, we find it very useful for showing the children about wildlife and just generally a lovely place to take them in the summer to get out and about as there is no where else like it to hand.It would be an awful shame for it to close.
  – Natasha Rayment

I work on the innovation park and it's wonderful to be able to walk over the new foot bridge and walk around the park. There's so much money generated by the science park and innovation park, that ofcourse goes to the university so perhaps they could help.
  – Mills Dominic

Proximity to the new Sustrans cycle path, which makes it a great destination for bike rides from Cambridge or Waterbeach. The council should surely think twice about closing a facility linked to the National Cycle Network?
  – Tim Gent

It's a large peaceful open space, full of wildlife. Personally I often walk from Chesterton along the river and back through Milton Park. I hope the proposed closure is not just another moneymaking scheme to sell off land for housing. People in Cambridgeshire need green spaces to walk around.
  – Sally Carlton

Cambridge needs more parks like this for the health of the regions residents. Tell more people about it
  – Ian Benham

I love the park, and go there daily. I would be devasted if it closed.
  – Aisha Clarke

The park is great in all times of the year. The kids love walking and cycling around the lakes and it is a perfect place to walk the dogs. The scenery of the park is lovely and there isn't anything elase in this area like it. It takes away the hustle and bussle of the town and it's somewhere great to go to collect your thoughts.
  – Erica Newbery

It would be a great shame if the Park had to close, we do not have many places to just go and escape the town and busy roads etc without have to travel a long way.
  – Krysia Gillson

Having worked for the Council and the department that started the park, it would be a dreadful tragedy if all this was lost.
  – Maggie Franklin

As a resident of Milton I feel so strongly against the threat of the park closing. This is an area of such natural beauty enjoyed by everyone who visits and to close it would be tragic. With so much land north of Cambridge already being lost for development SCDC must think again on this one.
  – Margaret Halford

I have never visited the park but I love all parks and believe they are fantastic places that should be cherished.
  – Michael Chainey

Such a loverly quiet place in the middle of industrial development
  – Mike Prymaka

Apart from Wandleberry this is the only other country park in the area worth using and it would be a great shame to see it go!
  – Donn Sindle

It's a haven of peace in a very busy and noisy area. Such a good place to recharge your batteries
  – Helen Kerr

It would be dreadful to close the Milton Country Park because it's the only green place where we can relax and enjoy safely the outdoor north of Cambridge. It also allows lots of people from the Science Park to unwind during a working day either at lunchtime or afterwork.
  – Valerie Grilheres

Although the area around Cambridge is full of green space, most of it is given over to agriculture and fen. Milton Country Park is not the best country park I have ever been to but it is nevertheless an island of countryside as far as Camrbridge is concerned. With the increasing amount of intensive housing now being built around the Cambridge ring-road, it is appalling that the Council is closing Milton Country Park. The Council Tax from the new houses being built should more than cover the costs of running the park. In any case, even if they do not, the closure of the park should not be contemplated. After all, a huge amount of money has been spent on fractional improvements to the traffic system at the Milton roundabout and on the cycle bridge over the ring road at Milton. Preservation of the Country Park is a much bigger and worthwhile issue that either of those two projects.
  – John Hodgson

It is a haven in this awful business park/A14 part of town
  – Rachel Browne

It is appalling that our elected representatives have shown themeslves so lacking in foresight
  – Peter Gilmore

Closing down green areas, what is this world coming to!
  – Tim Cartledge

Where else can we go to see some sort of countryside?
  – David Baldwin

This park houses and nurtures commmunities, both families who are visiting to spend quality time, clubs of various sorts and age, couples and individuals and it is also a home for much wildlife. In a society that is becoming more concerned with commerce than with community bonding I think this haven for many to preserve this would be greatly missed and have a devestaing impact on the surrounding residents.
  – Chris Farmer

The country park was what I loved best about living in Milton.
  – Helen Hird

This park means alot to some people in the aspect that they come here to remember people who were close to them and have passed away. It would be a great shame to close what means alot to people.
  – Charlotte Sharp

It's a great social meeting ground for young parents and top fun for the kids.
  – Andrew Richardson

We need to protect the few open, green spaces that we have, somewhere for children to run around and let off steam. You can hear the noise of traffic very clearly when you're in the park, which emphasises the need to keep some traffic-free areas.
  – Giulia Marsh

We take all the nursery school children to visit several times a year as part of our health promoting work.We would have to travel much further if it closed, which would be inconvenient. Also, we are trying to promote this wonderful outdoor facility to our families as they all live close by in the north of Cambridge. We need to encourage adults and children to adopt healthy lifestyles with outdoor exercise rather than sitting in front of the television. We have a responsibility to change peoples unhealthy lifestyles.
  – Susan Bainbridge

Milton Country park has been central to my life since moving to Cambridgeshire 5 years ago - where else in the surrounding region can you go to run or walk in peace? It is a beautiful place and one of the few we have available to us.
  – Cressida Harding

Its a lovely space which is only a short distance from my home in Chesterton and my children love it especially the big fish!!
  – Danae Evans

For the established wildlife it is very cruel, to set up a park in the first place to encourage birds and mammals was a very visionary thing to do, to destroy it now is nothing short of disaster for them, i hope for their sake and ours it stays.
  – Margaret Peyton

There are few enough green spaces in this country without closing and developping the small number that are left.
  – Catherine Bedford

I work at the local children's hospice and in the summer the children love to go to the country park to feed the ducks and play in the park, it would be a great shame if the park was closed.
  – Catherine Fewtrell

It seems that Cambridgeshire council is determined to ruin the beautiful countryside and green spaces that are integral to our county; how many times do we have to show them that simply shutting parks, instead of taking the small amount of money and time to maintain them, is simply not acceptable?
  – Jules Hammond

A very special resource that should not be lost to the community
  – C Rodney Blair

There is so much new housing around Cambridge eating in to the countryside. I beleive it is vital to keep pockets of the countryside open for wildlife and for everyone to enjoy.
  – Janette Thomas

I live in march but work in cambridge and it is nice to find a place conviently located where you can find solace for an hour. In todays world of exercise and its importance for all ages this is a very nice way to exercise and look at nature etc at the same time.
  – Mark Payne

I work at the Children's hospice in Milton & we use the park as often as we can. The children enjoy being in the fresh air, listening to the birds & feeding the ducks. as the Park is so close we do not have to take the children in the mini-bus so more time can be spent in the Park. the Park is such an asset to Milton it would be very sad to see it close
  – Pam Austin

I have been looking forward to being able to use the park more in my retirement and to taking our grandchildren there more often as they grow - it is such a relaxing and enjoyable amenity and I cannot understand why it was implemented if the Council doesn't now intend to keep it; what a waste of money initially used to get it going. Am I being cynical in thinking that they think they could make more money selling the land for housing (and adding further to the traffic congestion).
  – Anne Newman

This park is obviously used by Milton residents, I often walk through the park and there are always a lot of people using the facilities, especially children playing on the swings etc. People are walking their dogs. People cycle including Children where it is safe for them to do so. I pick blackberries in the park. I think it is a wonderful experience and place to use and to lose this facility would be dreadful.
  – Norma Baker

It is a wonderful place to walk that is not overly manicured and I so enjoy seeing young people, fishing, cycling, picnicing and enjoying the fresh air. We are all being told about how unhealthy we are becoming: should we not be encouraging outdoor pursuits.
  – Caroline Blair

It is an excellent place for the local children to learn about nature and to have fun whilst doing so.
  – Karen Cash

With the increased number of people living in the greater Cambridge area, we need MORE leisure facilities and green spaces, not fewer! The park is always well used (as are all leisure out outdoor facilities in Cambridge) indicating there is pressing need! Why do I strongly suspect that this is a prelude to selling this land off or using it to develop MORE houses (which then will be inhabited by families and children with no place to get some fresh air).
  – Lisa Buchholz

Ashamed to admit that I've never actually been there. This doesn't make me any less furious at the thought of it closing! This kind of facility is just the sort of thing that an authority like SCDC should ensure they keep on their portfolio, and it sounds like it's a bargain given the benefits it gives to so many people.
  – Miranda Fyfe

There just aren't enough places like this in Cambridge. I can't believe that they want to close it.
  – Julian Willmott

The country park is a wonderful sanctury from the busy office environment where staff go to walk, run, eat lunch and generally just enjoy a bit of fresh air. I think it will be a great loss to all staff working in the Business Parks in the area.
  – Bell Joan

It is one reason why Milton is attractive to young families and I consider it an essential amenity to the extent that I would be prepared to pay to use it each time. I am horrified at the prospect of losing it.
  – Julie Davies

As a long standing Milton Villager I remember using the area to fish and play in as a child ( a long time before it was a country park). My children have also grown up with the country park, and, especially my son, they have learned much about wildlife and how to respect it from these experiences. My son spent many long summer holidays fishing in the lakes, as I did when I was a child. The park should be viewed as a precious public amenity and not just a money-generating machine, although of course nothing comes without a price tag these days.
  – Paul Capitain

MPC provides a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and mobilities to visit an environmentally diverse location within striking distance of Cambridge. Family trips with either the very old or the very young are enjoyable for everybody, given the varied lengths of walk available. Schools use the site extensively, with great success. I have very fond memories of the Art in the Dark evening which was simply superb. It will be terrible shame if the park closes - it is a treasure.
  – Rachel Drysdale

There is no other comparable green space in the area.
  – John Kazer

I work nearby and it would be such a shame to lose this park as there are no other places where you can go to escape and sit in the peaceful and natural surroundings.
  – Angie Hall

I work at the Cambridge Business Park and Milton Country Park is a welcome break from the daily routine. It is very relaxing to have a short walk around the park
  – Jeff Harris

This is a beautiful park. The children's play area is superb. I now work on the Science Park and go there for walks. Even before I started work (just 3 months ago) we would meet my husband and take our son for visits to the part.
  – Amanda Lear

Well, it is a asset to Milton and the local area. Where else is there to go in the area? People talk about the greenhouse effect, the next nearest area for us to walk the dog is Newmarket Heath. 18 miles round trip as against 6 miles. Only half a gallon of fuel, but it's done several times and more and more greenhouse gases.
  – Derek Langley

Every time I visit it is really busy. Not only are children playing on the swings but they are learning about the natural environment around them and how to respect it. As a nation we are trying to stop our children from becoming obese. By closing this park the council are not working towards the governments goals!
  – Katherine Quinton

Although I don't live in Milton, we have friends that do. We visit them about twice a year and always have a walk with their dog through the park. To close a park like this would be absolutely disgraceful. The amount of wildlife that you see and the different songs of the birds when you walk through is such a beautiful sound and most lovely scene.
  – Trudie Butcher

There is going to be even more housing near the Arbury estate and we desperately need as much green space as possible for everyone to enjoy. The Park is so popular and I'm shocked to hear it could close.
  – Pamela Shaheen

The park is a real asset to the area around the science park and is a place of tranquility to visit during a lunch time to have some time to relax away from work
  – Chris Maddren

Its location so close to Tescos means that harrassed parents can take kids there as a part of a shopping trip as well as more regularly for walks.
  – Penny Henderson

The park is simply a wonderful public space. It provides a haven for birdlife, has educational potential, and represents an ideal place for leisurely walks. To lose the park would leave shameful scar on our aspirations to place ourselves more conscientiously within our environment.
  – Mark Booth

I feel it would be a great tragedy if this park is closed, it is a wonderful wildlife area and nature park in which to walk and enjoy the wildlife, particularly with young children.
  – Linda Miller