Park Saved

On Thursday South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) councillors confirmed Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust (CSLT) as their preferred bidder to run Milton Country Park. Work will now start for the transfer to take place by early next year. Under the Trust's plans the park would continue to provide existing amenities and expand on the range of activities available for visitors. With the support of a one-off £250,000 payment from SCDC, the Trust proposes to take on the Park's existing staff, managing the Park with them plus assistance from volunteers and partnership organisations.

We would like to think that the campaign is in some small way responsible for the Park staying open. Back in December last year the noises that were coming out of SCDC were that many councillors believed the Park was a little local problem, only of interest to residents of Milton and the surrounding villages, so closing it would be a relatively painless option. We showed them this wasn't the case and that there were a lot of people who would be very upset if the Park closed, from all over SCDC, the City of Cambridge and beyond.

We have collected over 10,000 signatures of support and pledges towards the future running of the Park, which is currently running at over £14,500 per year. In addition, behind the scenes, the campaign exchanged over 2,500 emails both between the campaign team and with supporters. Add to that the many meetings and phone calls that we've had and you'll get some idea of what the campaign has been like.

We would like to thank:

We would specifically like to thank:

As you know we also looked at taking on running the Park ourselves and we had a lot of help in that regard too. We would like to thank:

As you can see we've had a lot of help from a lot of different people and we're sure to have left some people out. If you're one of those then our apologies. Put it down to tiredness after a long struggle.

You've not heard the last of us yet: we will be writing to you one last time once we've met with CSLT and discussed where we go from here.

Written: 21/07/07


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