things you can do to help us

Here's some things you can do to help us:

  1. If you've not done so already then sign up as a supporter of our campaign.
  2. If you've signed up then it would help if you also fill in our questionnaire.
  3. If you feel able then pledge some money towards saving the Park.
  4. Tell your friends and neighbours that the Park is under threat 1xbet tz and encourage them to sign up too. They can do so even if they've not got Internet access using our paper petition form which you can print off for them.
  5. Our posrter
    Download our poster (Adobe/PDF, 12KB) and print off a copy or two. You can display them in your front window, on the noticeboard at work, and anywhere else you can think of 1xbet login tanzania.
  6. Contact your local councillors and ask them what they are doing to help save the Park. We've got a page here which explains who you need to write to and some of the points you might want to raise with them.
  7. If you have a web site then link to our site. If you like you can display our red ribbon, like the one in the corner of this page. See here for how.
  8. If your community has a parish or town 1xbet apk council then ask your local councillors if they will pass a motion supporting the campaign and write to South Cambridgeshire District Council about the issue. (Do let us know if that happens.)


(You can read lots more quotes from supporters here.)