paper petition

Ideally we would like people to sign up online as it's easier for you and it lets us do some detailed analysis of where you all live (as one of the things some SCDC councillors claim is that only locals use the Park) and also of how you use the Park if you have filled in our questionnaire. We can also help you with things like identifying your councillors and writing to them.

However if you've not got an email address, or you have friends, neighbours or colleagues who would like to sign our petition but who don't have access to the Web then you can print off one of our sign up forms and give it to them to fill in and then return it to us.

You can download the form here. We have it in two formats:

2 x A4 pages Larger text (Adobe/PDF, 37KB) - needs two sides of A4 paper, so either print on both sides on one sheet of A4 or staple two sheets together

2 x A5 on one A4 page Smaller text (Adobe/PDF, 27KB) - prints both sides of the form on one side of A4 so only needs one sheet of paper but you may need your glasses

These are Adobe PDF documents. You will need suitable reader software which you probably already have but if not most people use Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from this web page.

PS: please don't organise a petition form of your own devising. We really do need people to sign up online or using these forms, otherwise you're disenfranchising the people who sign your petition as their signatures will have very little value to us. You can read more about this here and here.